10 Practical Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal in 2023

Because there are now more devices than ever before that rely on the connectivity provided by Wi-Fi, it is more crucial than ever to have a Wi-Fi signal that is both robust and dependable. Nevertheless, the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi signal can be negatively impacted by a variety of variables, including the layout of your home as well as interference from nearby networks. In this piece, we will discuss ten different ways that you may strengthen your Wi-Fi signal in 2023.

Buy latest router

If your router is old or no longer supported, you might think about changing to a newer model that is compatible with the most recent Wi-Fi standards, such as Wi-Fi 6. Your Wi-Fi signal’s speed and range can both benefit from this adjustment. One of the latest Wi-fi router of TP-Link is the Archer AX95. Tri-Band 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router and one of the main feature was WiFi speeds of up to 7.8 Gbps (4804 Mbps + 2402 Mbps + 574 Mbps) are available on the faster Tri-Band AX7800 WiFi 6 system. This allows for faster surfing, streaming, and downloading all at the same time.

What’s your router location?

The location of your router can have a significant impact on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in your home or office. Be careful to position it in the middle of your house, away from any walls, metal items, or other potential sources of interference, as well. It is recommended to put on high ground or position your router close to a window, with that you will be able to send some of the most robust portions of your internet connection both inside and outside of your home.

Wi-Fi range extender is recommended

You may already know that the speed of a WiFi device slows down the farther it is from the WiFi access point or router. So, you can make it easier for your WiFi devices to connect to the WiFi signal by putting WiFi Network Extenders around your home. Each device will run faster and better as a result.

Make sure the firmware is up to date

Make sure the firmware on your router is up to date to make sure it’s running at its best. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest version of the router’s firmware, and then follow the instructions to update it. This can help fix any bugs or security holes and make the program run better.

To update the firmware on your router, go to your web browser, type in your router’s IP address, and then log in with your login information. Then, find the section called “Firmware or Update” on your router’s manufacturer’s website and click on it. The last step is to upload the update and then restart the router.

Limit the connected device

The slower your internet speed will be, the more devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi network. Try putting a limit on the number of devices or creating a separate network for guests. Also, to free up bandwidth, you might want to turn off Wi-Fi on devices you’re not using. Consider also changing the Wi-Fi password frequently to prevent other unauthorize people from connecting to your Wi-Fi.

Make use of a connection that is hardwired

If you can, use a hardwired connection when using devices that need a fast internet connection, like gaming devices or streaming devices. In contrast to a wireless connection, a hardwired connection uses an Ethernet cable to connect the device directly to the internet router.

Using a hardwired connection can help ensure a stable and reliable internet connection. This is especially important for activities like online gaming or streaming content, where interruptions or lag can be frustrating. Therefore, if it is feasible to use a hardwired connection, it is generally a good idea to do so..

Upgrade internet service plan

If you’re still frustrated by slow internet speeds after trying different ways to fix them, you may need to switch to a different internet service plan with faster download and upload times.

Plans for internet service can vary a lot in terms of speed and other features, so switching to a different plan may help you get a better connection. But before you switch, you might want to look into the plans that are available and compare their features and prices to see if a new plan is right for you.

There are several Fiber plan offered in Philippines and Globe, Sky, PLDT, and Converge are the the major Internet Provider that offer Fiber plan up to 1Gbps.

Keep your router cool

Routers can make a lot of heat, which can hurt how well they work and how long they last. Make sure your router is in a well-ventilated area and not on top of other electronics that could trap heat. You can also keep your router cool with a cooling pad or a fan.

To cool a router, all you have to do is get some air moving near it. In a pinch, you can cool it down by pointing a desk fan at it. Putting a small laptop cooling pad underneath is a more permanent fix.

Turn off features you don’t need.

Some Wi-Fi routers have built-in features that might not be useful for all users or might be slowing down or weakening the Wi-Fi signal. Parental controls and VPNs are two examples of these kinds of features (Virtual Private Networks).

If you’re having trouble with the strength or speed of your Wi-Fi signal, you might try turning off any unnecessary features on your router to see if that helps. This could mean turning off parental controls or VPNs that you aren’t using because they could be using up network resources or messing with the Wi-Fi signal.

By turning off these features, you may be able to free up network resources and improve the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi signal. This could make your internet connection more reliable and faster.

Quality of Service (QoS) feature

Quality of Service (QoS) is a feature on the newest Wi-Fi routers that lets you give more weight to some types of internet traffic than others. This means that you can set up your router to give priority to activities that need a reliable and fast internet connection, like streaming videos or playing games online, while giving less important activities, like web browsing or email, less priority.

By using QoS, you can help make sure that your most important tasks get done before your less important ones. This can make your Wi-Fi experience much better as a whole. For example, if you’re streaming a movie and someone else in your home is surfing the web, QoS can help make sure that your movie doesn’t get cut off or move slowly because of the other activity.

Most routers have QoS settings that can be set up through the router’s web interface. This lets you give different types of traffic different levels of priority and tailor your network to your needs.

By adhering to these ten guidelines in 2023, you will be able to boost the power and speed of your Wi-Fi signal, thereby ensuring that you have dependable connectivity for all of your electronic devices.